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Field Ecology: Biology 575

July 5 - 30, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm, Tuesday and Thursday
3 credit hours

Field Ecology Syllabus


July 5: Developing Field Ecology Hypotheses
Lecture 1 Field Ecology
Developing Field Ecology Hypotheses
Snake Survey Datasheet
How Does Science Work?
MSN News Wildside: Black Rat Snake
Ga. Beetle Reinvents Wheel


July 7: Amphibians, Chytridiomycosis, and Water Quality
Lecture 2 Field Ecology
Amphibians, Chytridiomycosis, and Water Quality
Water Quality Testing
Frogs of Kansas
Kilpatrick, A.M., Briggs, C.J. and P. Daszak (2009)
Hossack et al. (2010)
Global Bd-Mapping Project
View “chytrid sampling techniques” (look for swabbing protocol)
Create a free Google Account
Create an account at The Biofinity Project at least one day before lab


July 12: Dragonfly Territoriality
Lecture 3: Dragonfly Territoriality
Laboratory 3: Territoriality in Dragonflies
Reading: Bried, Jason T. and Gary N. Ervin. 2006.
Reading: Craig, Crystal N., Reece, Bryan A. and Nancy E. McIntyre. 2008.
Learn to Identify Some Common Libellulidae


July 14: Field Pollination Laboratory
Lecture 4: Pollination
Laboratory 4: Field Pollination
Reading: Mayer et al. 2011.
Reading: Milius, S. 2011.
Reading: Eric Mader et al. 2010.

Familiarize yourself with pollinators at:
Discover Life
Pollination Canada: Pollinator Profiles


July 19: Biological Integrity Laboratory
Lecture 5: Biological Integrity
Laboratory 5: Biological Integrity Laboratory
Read: Dodds et al. 2004
Read: Haslouer et al. 2005

Familiarize yourself with Kansas fish at:
Great Plains Nature Center: Fish
Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism

View the following videos on biological monitoring:
Stream monitoring-Introduction
Stream monitoring-Sampling
Stream monitoring-Equipment


July 21: Forensics Field Laboratory
Lecture 6: Forensic Entomology
Laboratory 6: Forensics Field Lab
Forensics Datasheet
Read: Michaud, et al. 2010
Read: Watson, E.J. 2004

Read about the Shannon-Wiener Diversity Index
Learn about forensic entomology
View the video “Crime 360: Forensic Tools: Forensic Entomology


July 26: Nocturnal Laboratory
Lecture 7: Nocturnal

July 28: Team Research Presentations
Criteria for Research Presentations