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Catching Frogs, Its harder than it looks...

For class on Thursdays we were on the hunt for frogs up at Gerber. Our class was split into two groups, one group stayed at the stream (my group) and the other went up to the pond. We were gathering frogs to take samples to test for the presents of chytrid fungus in Kansas. Kansas is one of the the few places where chytrid has not been found; however, this may be due to a lack of data. Each group caught five frogs and took samples of each frog by swabbing the frogs. I learned that I am not very good at catching frogs, so I helped with taking samples, labeling, and taking. Overall, it was a successful outing for our class because we caught our frogs and got our samples. Now, hopefully we will get some good information back from our samples! :)

Wichita State University
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