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Poison Ivy? Nope. Chiggers!

How many of you got the "itchies" after standing in the vegetation and watching flowers for the pollination lab?  I did!  At first, I was fearful that it was poison ivy.  Turns out that the "itchies" are chigger bites (not nearly as bad as poison ivy, at least in my book!).  I have over 30 bites on one ankle alone.... elsewhere as well!   I didn't use any insect repellent, but that does not always seem to prevent them. So, let's do an informal study.  It would be interesting to know if there are correlations of chigger bites with gender and use of repellent.  So, who among you got chigger bites on Thursday?  And, did you use insect repellent?  Drum roll!  

Wichita State University
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