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Haul of a Lifetime!

Seining Ninnescah
Recording IBI Data
channel catfish
Looking at the Peppered Chub!
The Peppered Chub!
Josh Perkins from KSU and field assistants
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looking downstream
Josh Perkins

According to ichthyologist Josh Perkins from Kansas State University, we got the seine-haul of a life-time on the Ninnescah River during our Biotic Integrity Lab!  Josh Perkins was an amazing resource, and we learned a lot about prairie fish diversity, reproduction, habitat loss, and conservation concerns in the Arkansas River drainage.  We were even lucky enough to seine the peppered chub, a state endangered species!  What a catch!!  In addition, we saw the emerald shiner (one of Josh's favorites), the northern plains killifish, the sand shiner, the red shiner, the silver chub, and a few other nice fish species.  We may have been lucky in our first seining attempt due to the drought in the Arkansas River drainage.  A nice article in the Wichita Eagle quoted Doc Distler about the history of the area.  According to many, the river hasn't been this low in 30 years. So, the fish are more concentrated in small pools along the river.  

We owe a debt of gratitude to Josh Perkins and his field assistants, Dustin and Trevor, for all of their help in identification, seining techniques, and knowledge!  THANK YOU!

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