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What to do for Nocturnal Night

For Nocturnal Night, we will meet at the vehicles at Hubbard Hall at 7:30pm.  Bring your flashlight, water, bug repellent, your night activity protocol, and everything that you will need to "stalk" your selected organism.  

As a reminder, here's your assignment:

Select a nocturnal organism that you wish to “stalk” (frogs, great horned owl, crayfish, evening primrose and its pollinators, raccoons, orb-weaving spiders, etc.) and a nocturnal technique that you wish to test that will help you to lure or study your selected organism.

Write a protocol for studying your nocturnal organism, including relevant natural history information about your organism.

On nocturnal night, come prepared to test your activity.  You will explain your technique to the rest of the class, assemble your transect/trap/protocol, and then share your experiences/observations with the class.  We will take turns visiting everyone’s experiments. 

It'll be fun to see what everyone selected and what we will discover!


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