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Proud pupa poppa!

Hi all! Some of you might remember the caterpillar I captured back during the dragonfly lab last Tuesday. I was stumped as to what the beautiful little guy was, but I finally figured out that it was a Henry's Marsh Moth (Simyra insularis) , a gorgeous Noctuidae (we were wrong about it being an Arctiidae Mary Liz!) who morphs into an owl moth! I brought him home, put him into a safe place and kept him fed on sand willow I collected. Late last week he finally pupated, making a very furry white pupal case and started his metamorphosis. The interesting thing is that you can see things happening when you hold the case up to the light (its currently in a clean, clear plastic bottle) and my son and I are having a ball watching this little guy morph. I haven't gotten any good pics of his case yet, but I will keep everyone updated how its doing. I am a really happy amateur entomologist...this is my first successful caterpillar/cocoon rearing! Now my only issue is to let him go when he hatches out, or add him to my collection!



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