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Presentation Line-Up

On Thursday, we will meet at Hubbard Hall 343 for presentations by the project leaders.  Each team will have a 30-minute slot for their presentation with 10 minutes for set-up and transition.  Some outside guests (stakeholders) will be invited to hear your results, so now if your time to shine!  The presentation line-up will be as follows:

9:00-10:15  Course summary

10:30 Ninnescah River Fish Project  

11:10  Frogs and Chytrid Project

11:50  Pollination and Patch Size Project

12:40  Dragonfly Territoriality Project

1:20  Forensic Insects Project

2:00  Last good-byes!

Note that the information for evaluating your presentations has been posted on BB.  The largest hurdle for many of you will be determining your hypothesis(es) and how you will test/analyze this hypothesis(es) based on the data that you have gathered.  Links to some info on statistics that you may need are available at (on the right-hand side).  You can also find some info on presentations on the side bar.  


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