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Nocturnal Hijinks...guest starring Gabe!!

I got to go with Wichita State University's Forensic Ecology class to try different ways to lure insects to be captured. My dad was trying sugaring for moths. He made two different mixtures to use: one with pure cane sugar, stale beer and a rotten banana while other one had molasses sugar. Other people did pitfalls, blacklights, and even wine. We all set up our stuff in a little forest pretty far away from WSU. When me and my did put some of the molasses on a tree, we attracted some wasps. My dad wanted some underwing moths for his collection. Someone caught him a Sphinx moth. After we were all set up, we headed down to a river near the forest. We all saw a ton of deer tracks in the sand. I saw some racoon tracks. I also saw a fish skeleton. My dad caught three beetles near the river. When we headed back to our traps, we walked around to each one so we could see if they caught anything. We saw a ton of orb spiders. The pitfalls caught a dung beetle and some ants. Some people brought grasshoppers to throw into orb spider webs. When we went owling, I got to see an armadillo. I pointed it out to the group. Someone nice found me a Great Horned Owl feather. We saw some cicadas that had the golden McDonalds arches on it's back. Our traps did'nt catch much but we saw some dragonflies and damselflies and my dad even got a robberfly.  We had lots of fun and it made me want to be an entomologist when I grow up!


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