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How hot do you like it?


Today's high reached 100 degrees and tomorrow it is expected to be 102 degrees! Is it going to be another BLAZING hot July?  I sure hope not!  Here are some trends:

Year to date in 2013:  
   Temp maximum 104 degrees (average 64)
   Temp mean 89
   Temp minimum 76
   Precipitation 15.88"

Year to date in 2012: 
   Temp maximum 106 degrees (average 72)
   Temp mean 91
   Temp minimum 77
   Precipitation 17.55"

Year to date in 2011: 
   Temp maximum 105 degrees (average 67)
   Temp mean 91
   Temp minimum 78
   Precipitation 11.66"

Year to date in 2010: 
   Temp maximum 98 degrees (average 63)
   Temp mean 86
   Temp minimum 76
   Precipitation 17.75"

[Data from

Weather is not the same as climate, and it provides only a small window that does not allow for overall patterns.  None-the-less, the environs of Wichita look much more lush this year than in 2011 or 2012.  Thank goodness for Mother Nature!

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