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NIght Time on Ninnescah


We had a very good night on Ninnescah!  It was quite a comparison from the past 2 summers of drought!  We called in a barred owl and a screech owl; heard bull frogs and cricket frogs; played with turd rollers rolling their booty; figured out the temperature based on snowy tree cricket chirps; brought in THREE species of underwing moths by sugaring trees and at lights; saw LOTS of aquatic insects at light (very few in the last 2 years); and enjoyed the milky way! The river was so amazingly high that we could not search for bombardier beetles or eye shine.  Such a change for JULY when it is typically low.  Strange extremes in weather. The night lab is a  novel opportunity for many students who have never been exposed to nature at night.  For some students, the night lab is the first time to see the milky way! 



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