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Directions to Ninnescah Biology Field Station

Map to Ninnescah Reserve

Directions to the field station: Located at 28900 W. 87th St. S., Viola, KS, the field station is approximately 35 miles southwest of the Wichita State University campus. Allow about 45 minutes to get to the field station from WSU or 40 minutes from the intersection of S. Seneca St. and W. Kellogg Ave. (map above)

START: S. SENECA ST. and W. KELLOGG AVE. / US-400 / US-54 1.

1. From S. SENECA ST. take the W. KELLOGG AVE. / US-400 / US-54 ramp. (0.2 mi.)
2. Merge onto S-400 W / US-54 W / W. KELLOGG AVE. (15.8 mi.)
3. Turn LEFT onto S. 263RD ST. W. (9.1 mi.)
4. Turn RIGHT onto W. 87TH ST. S. (unpaved). (1.6 mi.)
5. 28900 W. 87TH ST. S. is on the RIGHT.

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