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Frogs at the Gerber Reserve

Frog wranglers at the third location: Luke, Joshua, and Sam Gartner

Success!  At the Gerber Reserve we successfully stalked 5 frogs (the number that we wanted for chytrid sampling) from two bodies of water--the Gerber pond and Smoots Creek!  Taryn uploaded the images from the Pond Group (thanks, Taryn!), and I anxiously await Erica's images from the Creek Group!  We collected at least three species of frogs: Bull frog, Plains Leopard Frog, and Blanchard's Cricket Frog. The data associated with the study will become part of the Biofinity Project database (  I uploaded the data from our third frog location (Rocky Glen in Wichita) on the Biofinity Project website (below, you can see the locality with the frog wranglers Sam, Luke, and Joshua Gartner). The remainder of the data will be uploaded to Biofinity by each of you. There is also a Facebook page at!/pages/Amphibian-Conservation-and-Education-Project/181472768531201.  The samples were sent, so now we will wait... hopefully the results (chytrid present or absent) will arrive the week of July 18th so that Research Presentations can include the data!  

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