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Ninnescah Nature Experience

Shannon and Casey Hussey looking for frogs
The cricket frog we found along the river.
Shannon, Casey, and Mel studying the ever-present poison ivy
Susan and her friend a carpenter bee (nope, not a bumble bee!)

It was a perfect day for a Ninnescah Nature Experience! Shannon, Casey, Susan, and Mel Hussey, along with their nature-loving friend, Tammy, accompanied me on an outing at Ninnescah Reserve. We saw Dickcissels perching on skeletons of thistle plants, we scared a fawn out of its hiding place, a garter snake was hiding under a piece of tin, and a cricket frog was abruptly swept up in a net along the Ninnescah River. Everyone in the group was very interested in the treasures at Ninnescah Reserve. Shannon was particularly interested in snakes, but we found only one. Maybe next time! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and interests with me!

Wichita State University
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