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Illinois Bundleflower

Illinois Bundleflower
Desmanthus illinoensis
(Order Fabales; Family Mimosaceae)

Illinois Bundleflower showing seeds. Photo by Amy Coffman, July 2011.

Diagnosis:  Illinois bundleflower is a perennial plant usually 0.3 - 1.0 meters tall.  Stems can be smooth or slightly hairy.  The leaves occur in an alternate, twice-pinnately compound pattern.  Pinnae are 2-4 cm long with 6-15 pairs.  Leaflets are 3-5 mm long with 20-30 pairs.  The leaflets are also touch-sensitive and will fold together when handled. Inflorescences on the bundleflower are 2-8 cm long and appear as a dense, globular head originating from the axils of the upper leaves.  Small, whitish flowers are produced July through August.  Fruit is developed as a curved pod occurring in dense clusters.  The pods are 1-2.5 cm long and contain 2-6 seeds per pod.

Illinois bundleflower flower (left;  Characteristic Bundleflower seeds (right;,r:10,s:17)

Flowering period: May through July.

Distribution: Illinois bundleflower is distributed from North Dakota and Minnesota, to New Mexico and Colorado, and from Texas to Florida. It is distributed broadly in Kansas. 

Distribution map.

Habitat:  Occurs in prairies and open sandy sites, often near bodies of water.

Native status: Native to U.S.

Conservation status: Not endangered.

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Image credits:
Illinois bundleflower. Photo by Amy Coffman, July 2011.
Bundleflower seeds:,r:10,s:17
Distribution map:
Illinois bundleflower flower:

Submitted by: Amy Coffman, July 2011.

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