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Hot, dry summer

Coreopsis tinctoria and Tortillis

Several days of dry heat were broken today. In the last 30 days, we have had eight days of 100 degree heat or above -- amazing! Doc Distler says that this is the worst summer in 28 years. And it is noticeable -- not only was the wheat harvest one week early and quite poor, but the ponds, creeks, and rivers are dry by July 3rd. The lightning bugs were several weeks delayed this summer. The severity is quite apparent -- where are the frogs? the dragonflies? the bats? The flora is dwarfed in stature. At least there are clumps of Coreopsis tinctoria (Asteraceae; native) and Torilis arvensis (Apiaceae; non-native) for the pollinators. According to the weather records for Viola, KS only 0.05 inches of rain fell in the Viola area today. Just enough to bring the dust to the ground! Tomorrow, the temperatures may reach 100 degrees again.

Wichita State University
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