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Dandelion, Blow-ball, Lion’s Tooth, Irish Daisy

Taraxacum officinale 

(Order Asterales; Family Asteraceae)


Diagnosis: Perennial, grows from long, thick, yellow roots.  Flowering scape is hollow and up to 1.5 feet tall. Leaves are variable and usually deeply lobed, three to 12 inches long.  Head are one to two inches long with up to 200 yellow flowers. It is widely distributed throughout the US.

Conservation status: Not threatened

Native status: Native to the United States. Others would argue that it was introduced from Europe.

Flowering Period: Virtually all year, depending on location.

Habitat:  Lives almost anywhere (lawns, fields, land that is not treated with herbicides).

Distribution: Throughout North America


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A Poem:


Dandelion Whine

I hate to gripe and complain,

So I will make my argument plain,

I see you in my yard,

And I find it hard to spray you!

You are pretty and yellow,

But you are an unwanted fellow.

My neighbors know,

They do not want you to grow!

I do not know why you are hated,

Puff balls from when you mated,

Should I just let you be?

That is alright with me!

                                --By Scott Ross



All pictures by Scott Ross.


Submitted by Scott Ross, July 2012


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