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Flower Frolic!

These are the images from the walk out to, and our survey of the small Ratibida patch from our flower pollination (or at least the ones that weren't washed out or too blurry) fun! We saw grasshoppers, cicadas, wasps, bees and butterflies galore! I'll post some ID's as soon as I get them nailed down! Feel free to use pictures for species pages or presentations, just please make sure I get the photo credit!


For use in ID (remember, these are tentative ID's, I am by no means an expert):

Picture 1: A beautiful Gayfeather flower (Liatris species)

Pictures 2 and 3: The mixed patches of Liatris, Ratibda and Silphium as we walked to our sites 

Pictures 4 and 5: A couple shots of a nice big Lubber Grasshopper (Brachystola magna)

Picture 6: A Bush Cicada (Tibicen dorsatus) that I chased from being at rest on a Ratibida flower to his escape to a Rough Leafed Dogwood.

Picture 7: A nice little Pearl Crescent (Phyciodes tharos) who had a nice feed and did some wing fanning.

Picture 8: A Bumblebee who had some nice fat pollen pouches on his legs.

Picture 9: A moth (from the family Arctiidae?) who fed while we observed.

Picture 10: Another Pearl Crescent vistor. This was a different individual as the one I observed prior was still fanning when I took the picture of this one.

Pictures 11, 12, and 13: This is the third Pearl Crescent I observed. This little guy was so photogenic I followed him to a few different plants.

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