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Dragonfly Project

Until today, I had never seen a dragonfly so close up, let alone hold one or let it work its mandibles on my finger! It was actually pretty amazing. Watching them in their habitat, patrolling, aerial fighting, courting, was very interesting to see, and believe it or not, I actually got some decent shots today!

1. Libellula luctuosa, Widdow Skimmer, Male

2. Erythemis simplicicollis, Eastern Pondhawk, Female. From our discussion she is most likely at the end of her life span.

3. I can't see their wings to tell what they are...I know they were male and female, but don't remember what species. Does anybody else recall?

4. Perithemis tenera, Eastern Amberwing, Male.

5. Spider killer wasp. I tried to look up the scientific name, but could not find a picture of this exact species.

6 & 7. Homo sapien, Female, Em. She saved the baby bird!!! That was so awesome! Go girl!

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