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Attention Field Ecologists!

Hi all! Hope you're all managing to stay cool in this horrid heat. I am blogging to ask everyone to make sure and read the protocols for the Forensic Lab out at Skelton Acres that Anna and I are leading tomorrow. I also ask that if you can, make sure to print out your data sheets and the insects ID's that are available on the website here under the "Education Tab" and under the category of "Field Ecology". This is lab 6 (Forensic Entomology) and all the papers, data sheets and ID's are listed under that heading. Tomorrow will top out at darned near 105, so make SURE you bring plenty of water and dress appropriately. The insects we catch should be easy to photograph so bring a camera that can stand the heat! Lastly, since it is discussed in the protocol, it will probably be a good idea for anyone who isn't familiar with the Shannon-Weiner Diversity index to familiarize yourselves once again (for those who have had General Ecology or Conservation Biology, this should be review)! Let me know if you have questions about the protocols!



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