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Hi everyone,

I ran into a problem while adding content to my species page and wanted to share the solution in case anyone else has the same trouble.  The problem was that, while I could see my species page by clicking on "Recently Added Content," it came up as a blank page when I clicked on the child page I had created ("Great Blue Heron" within "Ibises, Bitterns, Herons" within "Birds").  Basically, it wasn't linked into the hierarchy of the book.  I think the reason for this was that I staked my claim as a blank page, so when I came back to add content it created an entirely new page instead of adding to the one I originally created.  If the same happens to you, the fix is easy enough:

1. Delete the empty page from the parent book.

2. Find the page with the content you added by using the search window above "Navigation" or by looking in "Recent Content" below "Navigation."

3. After selecting the entry you created, click on the "Outline" tab.  This will allow you to select a parent item (in my case, "Ibises, Bitterns, Herons") and a book (in my case, "Birds") to put your page into.

Once you've done this, your paged should be linked into the right hierarchy.

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