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Doggies for Dinner or Chemistry?

I've recently moved to the west side of town, and in order to get to campus I travel down 21st street. Along my route around 21st and Mosley I pass Mitchell's Veterinary Supply, and also a couple of metal salvage/recycling places. Does anybody else take this route? If so, then maybe you have smelt the AWFUL stench that I smell! I mean, it is bad. It smells like they're boiling dead animals over there. Because I usually run with my very vivid imagination, I now have this horrendous little skit ingrained in my mind, and it plays through every time I pass by. I imagine that the vet supply store has a secret building with an evil doer whose sole job is to pick up homeless animals and turn them into dog food. They sell a lot of all natural dog food, and I can't help but wonder, "how natural is it"? Lol, gross, I know. As I'm sure that is not the case, I still want to know what the heck that smell is! So, for those of you chemistry buffs (Scott), is the smell coming from the break down process of metals at the salvage yards?

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