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Kern's Flower Scarab (Euphoria kernii)

Common Flower Scarab or Plains Bumble Scarab
Euphoria kernii
(Order Coleoptera, Family Scarabaeidae)

(Kansas: Kingman County. WSU Gerber Reserve. 0.5 mi W Waterloo. Found in Opuntia macrorhiza. 37.67483°N 97.95129°W. June 22, 2013.)


Adult Diagnosis: These beetles are only 9.6 to 13 mm in length. Their heads are black and their surface is punctate or has denoting dots. The antennae are yellowish brown and the females have shorter ones than males. The pronotum is typically black with lateral and basal margins of yellowish brown, but they can be completely black, or black with yellow speckles. The wing covers, or elytra, have color variation from completely black, to black with yellow bands and spots, to primarily yellow with black spots. The yellow is always variable from a creamy yellow to a dark reddish brown. There is some hairy fringe on their legs and underside.

Adult/Larval Natural History: The life history of this particular species is not yet been known. Larvae of some Euphoria species have been known to be feed underneath dead sod in rich soil, feeding on decaying organic material, or possibly around packrat middens.

Adults will mostly be found in the flowers of prickly pear cactus, wild poppy, thistle, and yucca plants.
They are diurnal and not attracted to blacklight.

Euphoria kernii are seen mostly in June and July. It has also been reported that they have been found in April and May.


Images, phenology, and distribution from Orozco (2012).

Distribution: Euphoria kernii can be found in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and some north parts of Mexico.

Habitat: Adults have been typically found buried into flowers in prickly pear cactus, wild poppy, thistle, and yucca plants.

Diet: The adults have been known to eat the pollen and nectar.

Conservation status: Stable


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Submitted by: Emmy Dudeck, July 2013

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