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Grapevine Beetle (Pelidnota punctata)

Grapevine Beetle
Pelidnota punctata
(Order Coleoptera; Family Scarabaeidae)

Pelidnota punctata, female, (photo by Rachel Havlik)
(Kansas: Sedgwick County. Derby, 37°33’23.45’’ N, 97°15’06.10’’ W. In front yard at porch light. June 10, 2013).

Adult diagnosis: Adults are roughly 2.5-3.0 cm long. They are off-yellow or auburn red with three black-spot-patterns on each side. The elytra are divided with thin, black lines. Flight wings are tucked under elytra and are black and membranous. Male and female beetles are easily recognized as imago life stage of beetles. Antennae tend to be clubbed-lamellate especially in males. All six legs display spines. Eyes are large and conspicuous sometimes surrounded with greenish coloration. Except for claw differences in males and females, no sexual dimorphism characteristics are present between sexes of P. punctata. Absolute differentiation between male and female is determined by examining claws under a microscope. Southern variations of this beetle do not have darker legs; northern variations do.

Male Pelidnota punctata. (With lamellate antennae on top of female). (from: